About Us

LCB Fertilizers is a combined effort of more than 50+ people who belong to farmer families. This team includes chemical engineers, microbiologists, mechanical engineers, MBA holders, and many more skilled and unskilled workers who work with the motto “from the farmers, by the farmers, and for the farmers.”
We are incubated in SIIC IIT Kanpur and collaborated with institutes IIM Kozhikode, MMMUT Gorakhpur, and REC Ambedkarnagar. We hold grants like NIDHI PRAYAS by DST-INDIA, Startup India Seed Fund Scheme, Start In Up, Capri foundation, CITI India, and many more.
We are currently working with more than 6000 farmers from 35+ districts of UP, 10+ of Bihar, some from Jharkhand, Haryana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, etc.
Our products are available on Amazon, Indiamart, Flipkart and in more than 14 stores in India

Impact of LCB Fertilizers 


Farming is Essential livelihood in India, LCB Fertilizers is connecting framers of villages and helping them by providing the right supplies and help. Team LCB Helps farmers to Grow their yield 


We Believe in Sustainability. The upcoming generation is counting on us. To help the future, We promote the Startup culture in Uttar Pradesh and India. We Believe in Grow together.


Education and Research is the most Important Pillar of Country. We work together with Researchers, Students to Grow the Nation to Increase more Farming related Field in our country.

Why We Are Unique

1. Soil Structure
Because of the organic matter in organic fertilizer, soil structure is improved, resulting in the soil’s ability to hold onto water and nutrients increases.

2. Reduce Fertilizers and Pesticide
Although organic fertilizer can be more costly than synthetic, it can reduce the need for pesticides and the overall nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium requirements. Because of the reductions, organic fertilizer can be cost neutral and sometimes a cost savings.

3. Plant Damage Threat Avoided
Some synthetic fertilizers can cause plant damage to leaves and roots. This is less likely with organic fertilizers.

Blogs and Updates


LCB fertilizers is a project that is both environmentally friendly and organic. Organic fertilizers, such as animal manure and composted organic materials, contain plant or animal-based components that are either a byproduct or end product of naturally occurring processes. They also serve as a good source of energy for soil bacteria, which improves soil structure and crop growth.   ….


“LCB fertilizers are focused on producing biofuels from protein-rich lignocellulosic biomass. One of the most important phases in the synthesis of biofuels from biomass is enzymatic breakdown. LCB fertilizers are made from a low-cost, abundant source material that can be regenerated in a sustainable manner. This also solves one of the environmental challenge farmers are facing…..”


Most farmers are now opting for LCB fertilizers as they are always the best for humans, crops and soil. It makes the soil more fertile and produces good quality crops. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, which only supply primary nutrients, LCB fertilizers provide both primary and secondary nutrients, as well as micro and macronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.….”

What We Do

• Consortium development of microorganisms and analysis of  its effect on the soil.
• Nanoparticle preparation and its process optimization for industrial purpose.

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