Our Products

50 Kg Bag –
MRP Rs 1,000/-
– Crop specific product
– One time use
– Approx 1.5 Bag per bigha (depends on soil quality)


Our Presence/ Reach

– Many organizations trusts us what we deliver such as CITI India, IIT Kanpur, Bill and Melinda gates foundation

– Plants and Retail Stores in UttarPradesh, Maharashtra and other states in India

– Tie ups with Startups, Public figures, kisan Chaupals, kisan sangthans, FPOs and many more


Our Plants

Gorakhpur, UP

We are available in Gorakhpur
and Serving thousands of farmers
and their families


Kanpur, UP

Kanpur is the major hub of LCB fertilizers we are bringing the impact 
in research and innovation in farming
with help of IIT Kanpur

Kolhapur, MH

we have launched a plant in Kolhapur Maharashtra which extends our presence in south and west of India

Kushinagar, UP
Kushinagar has our 100tonns capacity plants, which produces suffice fertilizers to fulfill the demands throuhout the country


Farming Can Bring you Sales and Respect

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Public Figures

FPOs and Instiution


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