LCB fertilizers is a project that is both environmentally friendly and organic. Organic fertilizers, such as animal manure and composted organic materials, contain plant or animal-based components that are either a byproduct or end product of naturally occurring processes. They also serve as a good source of energy for soil bacteria, which improves soil structure and crop growth. Organic and synthetic fertilizers have had an impact on soil qualities and agriculture, and the benefits of both should be recognised. Inorganic fertilizer, on the other hand, had more drawbacks than organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizers are less expensive than chemical fertilizers. For grounded farmers, LCB fertilizer is simple to use and economical. It saves farmers money not just by delivering fertilizers at a 40% discount compared to chemical fertilizers, but it also doubles yield. The use of organic fertilizers guarantees that the food produced is free of dangerous chemicals. As a result, it is recommended that organic fertilizer or a combination of fertilizers be used rather than chemical fertilizers in order to protect soil qualities and boost soil and crop output.

The motto of LCBfertilizer is “from the farmers, by the farmers, and for the farmers.” It is currently active in the majority of the districts of Uttar Pradesh, as well as some in Bihar, Jharkhand, Haryana, and Rajasthan, with a revenue of more than 7 lakh in 2021. It boasts a fantastic staff of seasoned scientists and mentors, as well as fresh and motivated graduates and SIIC IIT Kanpur incubator. Farmers benefit greatly from LCB fertilizer. With this philosophy, the company aims to provide farmers with greater and more profit at lower costs.