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100% Organic

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We are committed to delivering and developing the best quality products that your farm needs. Helping India to nurture the ecosystem.

Sustainability Ensured.

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Farming World of LCB

Plants and Dealership Location

LCB Fertilizers are available at various centers in India. We have plants over a capacity of 500tonns in locations like Gorakhpur, Kanpur, and Kolhapur, Maharashtra. You can click below to have a look at our current partners. For a dealership or partnership with LCB Fertilizers, contact us via email or give us a call, and we will reach out to you with details.

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Our Products

100% Organic

100% organic, increases yield by 45%, reduces irrigation demand by 33%, promotes fruiting and flowering and one time use, Crop Specific product full of Micronutrients.

 Effective Manure

Made with Organic matter, Nitrogen, Phosphorous potash, Zinc, Sulfur, Iron etc along with suitable carriers and super absorbent polymers to better yield and promote fruiting.

 Organic Pesticide

Our liquid pesticide Ziva not only keeps away the harmful unwanted pests from your plant but also attracts the beneficial insects that perform activities like pollination.

What People say About us

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Amitabha Bandyopadhyay || IIT Kanpur

LCB fertilizers are a great success due to their motive and principles of quality. LCB Fertilizers is a success, but not at the expense of its connected farmers. Their profit comes up with the motto of taking everyone together and sustaining a better cause.

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BilapKetan Paul

LCB Fertilizers to be a great success and the best innovator in the range of farming and gardening products.LCB Fertilizers understand the farmers quite well. They focus on the farmers' requirements in designing their sustainable and quality products. This is how they are becoming a significant contributor to the agriculture sector, expanding their stores across India

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Sandeep Tiwari

The way Akshay is taking forward this firm, as well as the welfare of farmers, is highly appreciable. Dr. Sandeep also stated that the wide range of products offered at LCB is commendable. They are launching new innovations every year to help benefit the farmers, especially in the state of UP, Maharashtra

1.15-35% increment in yield

2.40% less investment in farming.

3.33% water reduction in irrigation .

4.5%-8% reduction in crop duration.

5.100% organic and rich with

(N, P, K, C, Zn, S, Fe, Cu, Mn)

6. Micronutrients and super absorbent

It is easy to learn and it is easy to apply. Its requirements are a little dedication and willingness to learn. I am happy to have found the way to grow in harmony with the nature and (as a human) be part of the biodiversity.

  1. उपज में 15-35% की वृद्धि
  2. कृषि निवेश में 40% की कमी
  3. सिंचाई की मांग में 33% की कमी
  4. फसल अवधि चक्र में 5-8% की कमी
  5. इसमें 9 कारक होते हैं (N, P, K, C, Zn, S, Fe, Cu, Mn)
  6. सक्रिय सूक्ष्म जीव, नैनोकण और शोषक बहुलक

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