Nowadays, the extensive use of chemical fertilisers is causing serious collateral problems such as environmental pollution, food safety decline, and pest resistance development. Chemical fertilizers are one of the most significant agricultural regimes, and they are destructive and have several unintended consequences. While various studies and research have demonstrated that organic farming generally creates less soil and water pollution and strictly prohibits the use of chemical and harmful fertilizers, they provide an alternative that has the potential to minimize the destructive influence of using synthetic fertilizers.

Most farmers are now opting for LCB fertilizers as they are always the best for humans, crops, and soil. It makes the soil more fertile and produces good quality crops. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, which only supply primary nutrients, LCB fertilizers provide both primary and secondary nutrients and micro and macronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Farmers are reaping many advantages of using LCB fertilizer on their crops. These are quite effective and advantageous to agricultural plants and crops.

LCB fertilizers are incredibly cost-effective for farmers. These fertilizers are available in a wide range and are extremely inexpensive compared to overpriced man-made fertilizers. LCB fertilizers are simple to use and operate safely. Its operation does not necessitate professional knowledge and can be carried out by even the most inexperienced or amateur farmer. LCB fertilizer not only produces excellent yields but it also aids seed germination and improves soil water retention capacity.