Dr. Biplabketan Paul’s Thoughts on LCB Fertilizers

Dr. Biplabketan Paul states LCB Fertilizers to be a great success and the best innovator in the range of farming and gardening products. He notes three major of his findings in support:

  1. LCB Fertilizers understand the farmers quite well. They focus on the farmers’ requirements in designing their sustainable and quality products. This is how they are becoming a significant contributor to the agriculture sector, expanding their stores across India apart from UP.
  2. At LCB Fertilizers, they innovate products to help farmers in their financial upliftment. Not only do they offer a wide range of products. But also, at LCB, they analyze soil and weather is taken into consideration for the development of products so that they benefit the farmers by increasing their earnings.
  3. They have been struggling to bring about a significant transformation. They have successfully brought a positive change to help poor farmers seek the best opportunities and sustain growth and development, personal and contributing to the agricultural economy.

Dr. Amitabh Bhatacharya’s Opinion

In his review, Dr. Amitabh Bhatacharya states that LCB fertilizers are a great success due to their motive and principles of quality. It’s not tough to gather people with ideas and start a startup. But when it comes to sustaining it, that is where significant people lack! This is where they do not lack! Startups indeed sustain due to profit earned, but this profit should not come at the cost of others. LCB Fertilizers is a success, but not at the expense of its connected farmers. Their profit comes up with the motto of taking everyone together and sustaining a better cause. This motto of LCB Fertilizers makes it a very successful startup where they not only bother with its own profit. But play a significant role in the upliftment of the farmers selling quality products without compromise.

Dr. Sandeep Tiwari’s Review

In Dr. Sandeep Tiwari’s review, LCB Fertilizers is an example of how Akshay Srivastava brought this firm into light, recognized by DPIIT and GovUP. Akshay is the Founder and Innovator of LCB Fertilizers. The way he is taking forward this firm, as well as the welfare of farmers, is highly appreciable. Dr. Sandeep also stated that the wide range of products offered at LCB is commendable. They are launching new innovations every year to help benefit the farmers, especially in the state of UP. They provide quality products for home gardeners, especially for the farmers’ welfare in India.